Women and Health Protection (WHP) is a coalition of community groups, researchers, journalists and activists concerned about the safety of pharmaceutical drugs. The group keeps a close watch over ongoing changes in the federal health protection legislation and examines the impact of those changes on women's health. Our documents make clear recommendations to the government for Canadian legislation that truly provides "health protection".

As a result of loss of federal government funding in 2010, Women and Health Protection no longer carries out research and this website is maintained only sporadically.

Book - The Push to Prescribe: Women & Canadian Drug Policy

The Push to Prescribe


The Push to Prescribe delves into the world of prescription drugs in Canada, and considers the impact on the health of women. From the inadequate testing of many drugs on women in clinical trials, to the sometimes questionable portrayal of women in illegal prescription drug advertising, Canadian drug policy has not always paid attention to how women and men are affected differently.For more information on The Push to Prescribe, visit http://www.nnewh.org/article.php?itemID=49&section=1


Webinar: Meet some authors of the new WHP book, The Push to Prescribe, for an online discussion about women and Canadian drug policy. WATCH THE WEBINAR! (recorded Wednesday Nov. 4, 2009) 


Webinar: “Anti-depressants in pregnancy: Is there evidence of benefit?” Presenter: Dr. Barbara Mintzes, Assistant Professor, UBC Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics, UBC Centre for Health Services & Policy Research, and Steering Committee member, Women and Health Protection. Read more...

WATCH THE WEBINAR! (recorded Thursday Oct. 29, 2009)


New Publications

December 2010 - Mental Health and Pregnancy: An Exploration of Issues Regarding the Use of Prescription Medications

March 2009 - Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing: What do We Know about the Occupational Health and Safety Hazards for Women Working in the Industry?

March 2009 - Pregnancy and Mental Health: A Review of Popular Pregnancy Information Sources

March 2009 - Evidence for Caution: What Women Need to Know about Statins (Facts to Act On Series)

February 2009 - Ten Good Reasons to Be Concerned about the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination Campaign

January 2009 - The HPV Vaccine: Information for Parents (and Others Considering It)




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